Chronicle - Jubilees, Anniversaries, Competitions

author of the text: Miroslav Kudrna, Irena Goldscheider, Monika Zgustová, Gabriel Belgeonne, Radka Schusterová, Caroline Jestazová, Heinrich Lenhardt
page: 105-116
imprint date: 1996
type of document: Subordinate Document
number of pages: 12
the number of reproductions: 17
language: english
dimensions: 297 x 210
parent document: Grapheion, European review of modern prints, book and paper art

články: 200 Years of the National Gallery in Prague; The Year of Goya; Walter Funkat's 90th Birthday; Two Anniversariea (K. Svolinský); The 10 th Anniversary of SAGA; The Contemporary Print Show, London; The Vl. Boudník Award 1995 for Ladislav Čepelák; The Print of the Year 1995...