page: 172-179
imprint date: 1997
type of document: Subordinate Document
number of pages: 8
the number of reproductions: 7 čb
language: english
dimensions: 297 x 210
parent document: Grapheion, European Review of Modern Prints, Book and Papier Art

European workshop on Iron - Gall Ink Corrosion; A Museum of the Print; Satyrykon ´97; 4th International Triennial of Small Format Prints Chamalieres 1997; 1st International Artist ´s Book Triennial Vilnius ´97; 14th International Competition of Humouring in Drawing, Antalya; Užice; 9th International Print Biennial Varna ´97; Serigraphy ´97; Workshop ´97 Ostrava; Symposium Sightlines; Crossing Over / Changing Places; The Turning Globe; Antonio Canal; Claude Ferrand; Esprit de suit; First Choice; Kunstmarkt Dresden 1997; 18th Brno Biennial ´98; Projekts in Münster