Pop - ups and illustrated books of Vojtěch Kubašta

date of exhibition: 2014/12/18 - 2015/01/04
institution: Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery
type of exhibition: autorská

A selection of incredible original pop-up books by Vojtěch Kubašta from the personal collection of Dagmar Vrkljan.
Vojtěch Kubašta lived and worked in Prague, Czechoslovakia, during the height of the Cold War yet remained politically neutral throughout his career. Although artistic and intellectual freedoms were rigorously controlled and restricted, he flourished within the limits set by the Communist government and succeeded in becoming one of the twentieth century's most gifted and prolific book artists and illustrators. In addition to numerous commercial designs, it is estimated that he was responsible for creating over three-hundred books and that millions of copies in numerous languages were published and distributed throughout the world. Take this rare opportunity to enjoy the amazing art of a truly unique and innovative illustrator and paper engineer.