Mima Akasaki

* 12. 1965, Kobe, Japonsko (Japan)


nationality: Japanese
sex: female
web: http://www.japandesign.ne.jp/GALLERY/NOW/akasakimima/


Born in Kobe. In 1988, she graduated from the Department of industrial Interior,and Craft Design, Musashino Art University

Mima Akasaki is a highly spirited artist who has been producing an impressive body of photographic work since 1989 called Inner Light. Her work is distinguished by subject matter that is abstract, mysterious and emits dazzling and rich colours. More recently she has been using plants and other actual objects thereby broadening her mode of artistic expression.

Motifs that have emerged in her work recently include the pomegranate as the symbol of life, grapes and lotus symbolizing faith and the olive representing peace. The light, stored up in these symbols, seems to illumine the darkness, expressing the hope residing within the gloom.

All Akasaki's photographs have not been synthsized or processed by computer. The photographs all depict real objects.