International periodical print shows 1995 - 1996

author of the text: Jan Rajlich, Alena Vrbanová, Pavel Toplak, Júlia N. Mészáros, C. M. Panek, Ants Juske, Mariusz Mierwinski
page: 86-95
imprint date: 1996
type of document: Subordinate Document
number of pages: 10
the number of reproductions: 18
dimensions: 297 x 210
parent document: Grapheion, European review of modern prints, book and paper art

The 21st. Print Biennial Ljubljana, 3. International Triennial of Woodcut and Wood Engravings Banská Bystrica, The International Biennial of graphic Arts Györ, Intergrafia Katowice, Premio internazionale per l'incisione Biella, The Seventeenth Brno Biennial of Graphic Design, 16th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Ex-libris Malbork, The 10th Tallinn Print Triennial