Images From Birmingham: Contemporary Painting / Podoby Birminghamu: Současné obrazy, Images from Prague: Contemporary Painting and Photography / Podoby Prahy: Současné obrazy a fotografie

author of the text: Martina Riedlbauchová, Martin Mainer, Tono Stano, Igor Korpaczewski (KW), Anna Fárová, Věra Jirousová, Michael Diamond, Tessa Sidey, Robert Burstow, Peter Burke ... a další
page: 0-0
imprint date: 1994
publisher: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
type of document: Collective Catalogue
number of pages: 64, obálka
the number of reproductions: 19 b, 5 čb
ISBN: 0-7093-0205-3
language: english
dimensions: 197 x 210