Taideyliopisto (University of the Arts Helsinki)

year of establishment: 2013
city: Helsinky (Helsinki)
www: http://www.uniarts.fi/en/


Finnish Academy of Fine Arts + Sibelius Academy + Theatre Academy Helsinki = University of the Arts Helsinki

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy Helsinki merged at the beginning of 2013 into an arts university, in English called the University of the Arts Helsinki (Taideyliopisto in Finnish, Konstuniversitetet in Swedish). In English, the academies adopted the names the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki, the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki and the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The staff and the students of the existing universities were transferred to the University of the Arts Helsinki. There are a total of approximately 2,100 students and the full-time equivalent of personnel is 600. The University of the Arts Helsinki consists of three academies that have equal educational contents and cultural weight.

The University of the Arts Helsinki fosters our art heritage and educates artists whose work provides society with life force and new perspectives and ways of thinking, encouraging people to ask questions.

Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is an international academy that concentrates on the fine arts, the only one of its kind in Finland. It offers first-class instruction in the fine arts and it is a pioneer of art research. The Fine Arts Academy has trained artists since 1848.

The Academy of Fine Arts is known for the fine arts. There are four study programmes: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Time and Space Arts (Moving image, Photography and Site and Situation Specific Art).

At the Academy of Fine Arts, students graduate with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctorate degree in fine arts. There are approximately 270 students, 13% of whom are international students.

At the core of the studies are the syllabusi that focuses on personal aspirations, interaction between the teachers and the students and individual guidance. The artist-teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts are distinguished visual artists and experts in various fields of the arts.

The artistic activities of the Academy of Fine Arts are one of the methods of instruction and provide the students with a link to society, the arts scene, and art audiences. Numerous exhibitions at the Academy’s own galleries are the most visible part of the artistic activities.

The Academy of Fine Arts also maintains an active international collaboration network with art universities and other fine arts institutions around the world.

Openness, dialogue and living arts are at the core of the activities.

The Academy of Fine Arts is located in the Taiteen talo building in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

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Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy is responsible for providing the highest level of music education in Finland. The academy trains artists, teachers, and other music professionals skilled in independent artistic work.

Sibelius Academy fosters and develops Finnish music culture and tradition. This is achieved through education, artistic activities, and research.

There are two faculties, both responsible for teaching: the faculty of classical music and the faculty of music education, jazz, and folk music. There are about 1,400 students at the academy. Annually, around 150-170 new bachelor’s and master’s students are admitted. More than a thousand students apply to the academy each year.

In addition to the Master of Music degree, you can also complete a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree at the academy.

Promoting artistic activities is one of the main missions of the academy, and public concerts serve as its presentation to the public. There are hundreds of annual concerts that represent a significant number of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area's concert selection.

Sibelius Academy also provides youth and adult education. The purpose of youth education is to introduce musically gifted children and young people to high-level music education. Sibelius Academy Continuing Education is responsible for adult education in music and culture.

Established in 1882 as the Helsinki Music Institute, Sibelius Academy is the only music university in Finland and one of the largest in Europe.

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Theatre Academy

The Theatre Academy is a performing arts university that provides the highest education in theatre and dance in Finland. Students at the Theatre Academy graduate as lighting and sound designers, dancers, choreographers, dance or drama teachers, actors, directors, dramaturges, playwrights, performance artists, or even something that has yet to be named.

Studying at the Theatre Academy is a demanding, full-time task through mainly contact teaching and small study groups. In addition to providing the necessary information and skills, the teaching emphasises the particular artistic disposition of each student.

The studies consist of artistic work, workshops, seminars and lectures. Professionals from the field guide students along the path to becoming artists. A multidisciplinary professional from a broad field of theatre and dance is emerging alongside the traditional professional roles.

Performances are a significant part of maturing as an artist. They are landmarks that outline what the students have learned, familiarise them with the traditions, and create new ideas. The Theatre Academy has 30-40 annual premieres, most of which are open to the public.

The Performing Arts Research Centre, Tutke, is responsible for all research and doctoral studies at the Theatre Academy. The research coordinated at the Theatre Academy is artistic, artist-oriented, art pedagogic, and highly multidisciplinary.

The Theatre Academy was founded in 1979 when the Finnish and Swedish theatre academies merged.

The Theatre Academy is located in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

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The University of the Arts Helsinki is comprised of three academies. For now, there are three organisational entities at the University of the Arts Helsinki: the Board, the Rector, and the Collegium.

finský název: Taideyliopisto
švédký název: Konstuniversitet
anglický název: University of the Arts Helsinki

vysoká škola vzniklá r. 2013 sloučením tří umělckých škol:
- Kuvataideakatemia (Academy of Fine Arts) - výtvarné umění
- Sibelius-Akatemia (Sibelius Academy) - hudba
- Teatterikorkeakoulu (Theatre Academy) - divadlo