Katerina Zacharopoulou

* 1958, Athény (Athens), Řecko (Greece)


nationality: Greek
sex: female
email: katzachar@yahoo.gr

Katerina Zacharopoulou was born in Athens in 1958. She is an artist and writer. She has been working in television since 1990, making interviews with artists from all over the world, and presenting a program on Greek public television. Through her work she is being the subject that objectifies a certain situation. She “presents” the issue or the event in their true essence, while she unveils their secret structures. She is mostly interested in the part that the intermediate carrier of the knowledge and the experience is called to play, as well as the role of the artist as an exposed carrier of knowledge and experience. She has worked on the idea of Artist as a self exposed “hero” of an ordinary story or institution. She works and lives in Athens.