Regele Ionescu

* 14. 4. 1968, Bukurešť (Bucureşti), Rumunsko (Romania)
multimedia artist


nationality: Romanian
sex: male

NK-2017/10 ne

Born on the 24th of April, 1968. Currently pursuing an MFA at The National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Areas of interest: video, photography, painting, performance, multimedia, new media, remedia. 2010: Pepperoni: video on memory and interracial relationships. 2009: Control!: video on human relationships; Cityminutes: videos on Bucharest. 2008: Winner of International Unarte Film Festival; Azyl Film Festival finalist; Undesirable Black: 1'39'' video; Documentary Portrait: 3'52'' video; Fest finalist; Zimmer Frei: photography; Un bufon la Venetia: video. 2007: theOneminutes finalist; I don't Wanna Work: one minute videos on beggars; The Shortcut: one minute video on rush time. 2006: Group exhibitions: OTA 26 and Unifest Tulcea; Performance AVmotional 2, MNAC.