Sráč Sam

* 2. 10. 1969, Plzeň (Plzeň-město), Česká republika (Czech Republic)
vizuální umělkyně, painter, curator


nationality: Czech
sex: female

Sam (1969) is a female visual artist who lives and works in Česka Břiza in the Czech Republic. By taking personal socio-political responsibility, she places herself among a group of artist who rationally anticipated a revolution in art. She founded the gallery Sam83, a residential center HeARTbreaker and publishes an independent magazine, Pižmo. Sam has positioned herself outside of the normal gallery and publishing system in the Czech Republic with her refusal to accept grant-giving policy. Her work is dedicated to revaluating the language, visual and social patterns which originate in the impulses of power structures (Foucault's concept) and whose sum subsequently comprises the concept of culture.

Sráč Sam