Getulio Alviani

* 5. 9. 1939, Udine, Itálie (Italy)
painter, sculptor, tvůrce objektů


nationality: Italian
sex: male

NK - 2019/08 ne
Kinetické umění, konkretismus.

Getulio Alviani
Born in Udine, 1939, lives and works in Milan. Since the ’60s he has exhibited in many shows focused on Kinetic Art such as Arte Programmata in Venice (1962), Nova Tendencija in Zagreb (1963), Nouvelles Tendences at the Louvre and the seminal exhibition The Responsive Eye at the MoMA in New York. He has participated in the Venice Biennale (1964) and Documenta (1968). For Prague Biennale 3 he has also designed the labyrinth-like exhibiton display within the Karlin Hall.