Katarina Sević

* 1979, Novi Sad, Srbsko (Serbia)
multimedia artist


sex: female
web: www.impex-info.org/katarina

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Šević, Katarina 1979-
žije v Budapešti

Studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Art, Intermedia Department, in Budapest. Founder and organizer of the artist-run-space DINAMO in Budapest. 2003-2006 has been a Board member of the Studio for Young Artists Association in Budapest. Co-founder of ‘Kidpix’ children workshop and method for visual creation with digital tools. 2003 worked at C3 – Center for Culture and Communication as media developer.
She has been exhibited internationally at: Apexart Gallery, New York, USA; Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, USA; Loop festival, Barcelona, Spain; Studio Gallery, Budapest; Knoll Gallery, Vienna and Budapest; IG, Vienna, Budapest, Contemporary Art Salon, Belgrade, etc.
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